facebook like box and facebook fansYour complete website setup was integrated with a Facebook Like Box and and Facebook Share button, as well as a link to your Facebook Page. When a reader (that is already logged in to Facebook) clicks the Like Box (located the bottom right of all pages) the total in the Like Box will increase by one plus a post will show up in their profile that they like your website, which is also linked to your website, for example:

When the Facebook Share Button (located at the end of each page’s text) is clicked, the reader is prompted to add some text like “this is a great article” and it will post to their profile, along with your website and a link. These entries can also show up on their friends wall pages, depending on the friends settings:

When a reader clicks on the Facebook Join Us Button, the reader is redirected to your Facebook Page, which they can “like” and become a fan. Fans are updated with your blog posts automatically. It is a good idea to give an incentive to readers to click on the Like button, such as offering a contest or promotion exclusive to Fans each month.