Dreamweaver or WordPress?

html website provides information that will not change very often, it is your online brochure. The files or pages of your website are created using web design software such as Adobe Dreamweaver which are uploaded to the server and are accessible through the internet. Static sites offer more design flexibility, the disadvantages is you cannot make changes yourself unless you are proficient in html and own html editing software.

blog website contains your company information, plus a newsletter section for you to post short articles about your company’s events, new products, new staff, ideas and tips. Those posts are automatically fed to email subscribers. Blog sites are created online using WordPress.org software and professional templates. WordPress.com  (used to create “free” blogs) which are very limited to specific themes and extensions. The advantages to WordPress sites are that you can edit the site’s pages online and it provides a cost effective and easy way to keep your clients updated. Disadvantages include WordPress sites are somewhat limited in design.

Both types of sites can be search engine optimized, linked to your social media accounts and include Share, Facebook Like and Google + buttons plus analytics.