post-200-fb-voxExcerpts from’s “How to Succeed at Facebook Page Marketing” and Marketing Vox’s “What If You Offered a Great Deal on Facebook and Nobody Came?”

Facebook page posts are unlikely to be seen by fans who never like or comment on your posts… you need interaction to remain visible.



What Works

With that in mind, how can you increase fan interaction with your Facebook page?

  • Ask Questions
  • Contests
  • Click if you like [this new product, idea, etc…]

What Doesn’t Work

According a report from Exact Target and CoTweet, these are the  most-given reason by Facebook users for “unliking” a brand once liked on Facebook (more than one answer was permitted):

  • Too frequent posts cited by 44% of respondents
  • Overcrowded wall (43%)
  • Content becoming boring and/or repetitive (38%),
  • Only liking a company to take advantage of a one-time offer (26%).