Adding photos and images to your blog post is essential to enhance your post and attract attention. If you do not have images available to use, is a good source for inexpensive photos and illustrations.

First establish a consistent width for your images based on your blog design, the samples in this site use 600px, 400px, 300px or 200px, displayed at full size (the tablet and mobile versions will scan down for readability)

It’s easy to add images, using the instructions below; For organization, make a special folder for blog images, to make it easy to find when importing. It’s also best to import the image at the size you will use, but you can also resize in WordPress.

To add an image to your written post:

  1. Click to the left of the first word of your written post
  2. Click on the Upload/Insert icon (a square outline).
  3. Click on “Select Files” and choose your image from your folder
  4. Add a descriptive title and alternate text of the image, this is important for search engine optimization
  5. Click on “Insert into Post”

screenshot how to add photos to wordpress blog

To change the image size or add some space around the smaller images, so the text is not flush with the photo.

  1. Click on the image, then click on the blue mountain icon in the upper left on top of the image
  2. Click on “Advanced Settings”
  3. Change size in pixels, if desired
  4. Add 6 to the horizontal spacing for some extra space around the image
  5. Click Update

how to change size of image and add space in wordpress blog