graphics-240-lightbulbWe recommend posting to your blog at least 1-4 times per month, depending on your industry. Blogs should be fairly short (two or three paragraphs), and if possible, contain photo or graphic for visual interest. Here are twenty blog ideas to get you started:

  1. new product or service
  2. industry relevant tips and ideas
  3. company events
  4. employee profiles with photos
  5. comment on an interesting relevant article, provide a link or author approved excerpt
  6. sales and promotions exclusive to your readers
  7. anniversary/history of your company
  8. survey and polls
  9. results of surveys
  10. relevant questions to readers, inviting feedback
  11. industry trends and insights
  12. other complimentary products your readers might be interested in… also ask your resource to blog about you in return, with a link
  13. a how-to article
  14. case study of a client
  15. create a top ten list (industry myths, your best selling items, trends, etc…)
  16. invite reader suggestions
  17. create a contest for facebook fans
  18. profile the contest winner
  19. recommend or review a service or product, complimentary to yours
  20. testimonials from clients about your product/service